Pavlov Hills (colloquially Pálava) are lime stone mountains stretching across the very south of Moravia from the hook of the River Dyje past Mikulov as far as the borders with Austria. Although, they are not at a very imposing height (Děvín 549 m a.s.l.), they tower monumentally above the surrounding lowlands and create a natural domination of the south of Moravia.

Pálava was recognized as a landscape protected area in 1976, and 10 years later a biosphere reserve UNESCO: wonderful nature, remarkable landscape with several tourist destinations.

A lot of interesting information about this popular tourist destination can be found find on the web sites http://www.kudyznudy.cz/Aktivity-a-akce/Aktivity/Chranena-krajinna-oblast-Palava.aspx or http://palava.ochranaprirody.cz/